10 Best Rollator Walkers For Reliability in 2020

For someone suffering with mobility issues rollator walkers can be a lifesaver. 

They can help someone with limited mobility get moving again and give them back some much needed freedom.

We’ve reviewed the best rollator walkers on the market and highlighted some of the key features for each. 

There’s a selection of walkers – some praised for their design and others for their lightweight materials from aluminium to carbon fiber. 

Some are designed for comfort and others for stability with larger wheels and traction. 

Whatever your preference, the our picks should help guide you to the right walker for yourself or your loved one. 

1. Elenker Light weight Rollator Walker

First up we have a light weight rollator walker from the popular brand Elenkor, it’s height adjustable aluminium frame makes for a great choice. It’s folds down which make it ideal to fold away in to the car or closet and comes with a couple of added storage areas to make life a little easier. 

189+ Ratings
  • Height adjustable 29" - 34"
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Comfortable wide seat
  • Included walking cane holder
  • Front pouch for storage

2. Medline Rollator Walker

The rollator walker by Medline provides a more solid option, with a solid steel frame it’s great if you need that extra weight support. The best feature by far has to be the antimicrobial protection on the product preventing it from getting damaged, worn and gathering odors. 

133+ Ratings
  • Adjustable height arms 31" - 35"
  • Strong steel frame walker - solid design
  • Antimicrobial upholstery protection - prevents stains and odors.
  • Bacterial resistant
  • Supports up to 300lb
  • Locking breaks

3. Drive Medical Affordable Walker Roller

Next up is the walker with the most ratings at the most affordable price point.  This medical walker is a great introductory product if you are new to rollator walkers. It includes all the core features of a walker at a great price point. 

7,707+ Ratings
  • Deluxe loop locks for safety
  • Compact and collapsible
  • Ideal starter rollator
  • Padded seat
  • Storage basket

4. Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Walker

The nitro euro style walker from drive medical is a great rollator walking if quality is your top priority. You really “get what you pay for” with this walker with it’s lightweight frame, built in brake cables (a much tidier way to have them). And comfortable nylon seat make it a great choice. The larger wheels also make it much easier to turn, and provide more stability for those who need it. 

2,800+ Ratings
  • Ultra compactable with one hand
  • Lightweight frame
  • Built in brake cable
  • Comfortable nylon seat
  • Quality removable storage bag
  • Large front wheels increase turning radius and provide more stability

5. Carex 3 Wheel Walker

Something a little different here in the shape of a three wheel walker! By the leading healthcare manufacturer Carex, this 3 wheel walker is a great lightweight option to go with, it’s easy to turn and comes with a great storage bag with pockets specifically to keep your belongings safe. 

572+ Ratings
  • Easy to steer
  • Large storage bag with pockets for your ID and cell phone.
  • Height adjustable handles
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy folding for storage
  • Locking breaks

6. Three Wheel Walker by Drive Medical

We just had to include this gorgeous tartan pattern 3 wheel walker by drive medical. Who says you can’t look cool while using a walker? This stylish design surely will add to your look. 

996+ Ratings
  • Special aluminium loop lock
  • Soft grip tyres ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Handles easily
  • Adjustable height
  • Stylish design
  • Great storage bag

7. Evolution Medical Walker Rollator

Next up is a popular medical walker rollator by the brand Evolution. Buyers have braised it’s high quality and value for money making it one of our top picks with glowing reviews. 

67+ Ratings
  • Lightweight design (14lb total weight)
  • Ideal for outdoor usage with 8" wheels
  • Seat has a thick plush padding very comfortable compared to other walkers
  • Adjustable height
  • No exposed cables for breaks
  • Sturdy design for extra stability

8. OasisSpace Ultra Folding Rollator Walker

This trendy looking device by OasisSpace is their ultra folding rollator walker model, with it’s bright blue color, quality build and wider seat, it’s a real joy to own. The paint quality is much higher than some devices due to the paint it uses. The back rest is solid and the wheels have added grip for outdoor use. 

366+ Ratings
  • Width adjustable compact design
  • Easy storage, detachable and foldable
  • Wider seat than most models
  • Baked on paint, bicycle paint like finish
  • Non-slip feet
  • Lightweight design

9. Drive Medical Heavy Duty Nitro Walker

If you are looking for a walker which supports extra weight the heavy duty nitro walker by Drive Medical is a great option. With added suspension and large front tyres with extra grip, it provides extra stability and support to the user. It comes with an extra padded seat and back rest for added comfort. 

2,800+ Ratings
  • Easily folds with one hand for quick storage
  • Added suspension for extra weight - suitable for heavier users
  • Large 10" front wheels for extra support and stability
  • Comfy back support and padded seat for extra comfort
  • Large storage area which is detachable
  • Sleek black design

10. Drive Medical Nitro Elite Carbon Fiber Walker Rollator

Okay, we saved the best for last! This one is a bit extravegant in terms of price, but if you’re looking for something to last you a long time and that’s super light, this is definitely the walker for you. It weighs less than half of all of the other walkers available at just twelve pounds, it’s ideal for someone who would struggle with the weight. 

366+ Ratings
  • Luxurious carbon fiber walker
  • Super light - only 12lb!
  • Wider seat than most models
  • 325lb weight capacity
  • Easy collapsible with one hand for easy storing
  • Stylish and modern design, with high quality detachable bag for extra storage

Rollator Walkers: Our Verdict

After reviewing 100s of Rollator Walkers we’ve managed to compile our top ten above. The brand Drive Medical is mentioned quite a lot (as you might notice) as they’re by far the most widely purchased brand.

All of the Rollators we’ve featured have locking breaks (we definitely wouldn’t include any without). 

All are relatively lightweight and fold easily. 

Some have some nice perks like a comfier seat, stronger back rest and we’ve included a couple of speciality ones (the carbon fibre model from Drive) for those who may need something extra lightweight. And the heavy duty model they provided if you need some extra support.

If you’re after something solid, good value for money with raving review we’d recommend either the Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Walker or the Evolution Medical Rollator. 

But overall, you wouldn’t be disapointed with any of the choices above. 


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